A free flow of information

RACS can easily link with several operational applications and integrates with MS Office and/or your network security: single sign-on.
RACS is already linked with dedicated software solutions including transportation management, production planning, plant maintenance, social secretariat for wage calculations, facility management, weighbridges and tourist reservation systems. Our engineers will create other seamless exchanges for you.


RACS adapts flexibly to changes and developments within your organisation. This may be company-specific changes such as expansion, internationalization, IPO, acquisition, expansion of services, new locations etc. or the impact from external market factors like any changes in legislation.
With RACS you opt for continuity and reliability.

Real-time processing and insight

RACS posts and processes all bookings in real-time and automates administrative processes. The results are a substantially shorter closing period with less stress for your finance department. RACS will reduce the workload to a minimum. The financial model of RACS allows you to consult the underlying original postings from any higher level. Comparisons of P & L between entities or between products there are available at your fingertips.
RACS informs you on the state of your business at any moment.

Intuitive and user-centric

RACS has an intuitive interface: all functions are always in the same place and work identically. RACS features include dynamic query screens, custom menus, templates and custom labels, etc. making the application user-centric.
Nearly every screen provides export and import with MS Excel. Data is entered easily, flows to the right post or analytical dimension. This financial system combines consistency and respects your habits. RACS has a familiar feel and makes everyone work more efficiently.

State of the art

RACS is available for the database servers of Microsoft – SQL Server or Oracle. RACS was developed according the.Net guidelines. You have access to RACS in a client-server setup or via Remote Terminal Server or via a web browser according to the user and access rights. For more technical specifications or sizing of your infrastructure, you can contact our technical team.

Belgian software, an international user base

RACS is Belgian software for financial management. Multi-lingual, international and built with experience and expertise in accountancy. With its standard capabilities, RACS is deployed in the international offices of our clients. Consolidation reporting between entities is standard available.
RACS is operational in Belgium, Luxemburg, France, The Netherlands, UK, Italy, Spain, The Dominican Republic (US rules), Singapore and Hong Kong.