Easy online acces for non finance users


RACS web is the interface for the non-key-users (read only users, approvers, employees, external consultants, project managers,…).

RACS web has no limitation on the number of users.

RACS web contains the functionalities to support the other RACS modules.

RACS Web standard functionalities


racs webProcurement

Order requests

Order approval

Registration reception of goods


 Accounting  Racs Web

Cashflow approval

Excel reporting





Project racs web

Entry of performances

Check introduced performances



RACS Web optional functionalities:


racs webAbsences

Vacation requests

Other absence requests

Approve absence requests

Absence calendar overview

Luncheon vouchers

Overtime racs web

Register overtime

Recuperation requests

Approve recuperation requests




racs webExpenses

Input expenses

Overview of expenses

Approve expenses