Financial management is the mirror of your organization

RACS is a Financial Management System in the widest sense.
Our expertise in accountancy is the origin of RACS. RACS is entirely at the service of the financial department of your company, not the other way round. It offers numerous features within a dynamic systems architecture. Our experienced project managers identify redundancy within the administrative flows and provide sound advice for any unresolved issue. This translates into a solid project for further integration of RACS in your organization supporting your business.

Implementation in a phased approach

The introduction of RACS in your company is organized according to a project method. Structured in several steps, according to your availability and resolving all requirements. We constantly adjust the pace.
Together we address the optimisation of your business processes, test extensively, convert data, train and coach your staff for the daily work with RACS.

Analysis of your administrative processes

The business processes of your company are detailed during an analysis. All information is documented and together we introduce an optimal financial management. We provide solid solutions and adjust where and when required. RACS automates the financial administration and improves the efficiency of all processes.


The prime priority of any project is automating manual and tedious processes. Our advisory staff are financial know-it-all’s. They bring their expertise to map financial processes, resolve redundancies and solve unresolved issues. Our recommendations are translated into actions for the integration of RACS in your organisation. We provide the configuration, and customize your financial management system where required. Our technical consultants support you to convert existing data into RACS.

RACS will complete your current reports

RACS contains the only correct information on the state of your organisation. To smoothen the introduction of RACS, your current reports in MS Excel are retained and completed with data directly from RACS. This approach speeds up and simplifies the start of any project and provides considerable control over the quality of data within your trusted reports.
After having finished the project, we will work together on new reports and analysis models.