Financial Software

Analytical budgetary financial software

RACS Finance is an analytical – Budgetary Financial Software. Users can create an unlimited number of entities of businesses, manage them and use consolidation reports between these entities. They organise their financial management themselves as they require.
It is after all YOUR data which you want to consult or compare for yourself.

The only truth of your company is within finance

RACS Finance automates financial processes from input to closing. It offers insights into all activities of all business entities with current data to the finest details. RACS Financial Management System relieves you of the deluges of spreadsheets in the financial department and significantly accelerates the processing of the periodic closures and reporting. Through the integration with operational software systems all financial data flow in the right entity and correct analytical dimensions. RACS Financial Software also provides a solution for processing of scanned or mailed invoices.


RACS Finance is multidimensional, analytical budgetary financial software with sufficient flexibility to automate complex multi-national and multi-site organisations. RACS provides accounting for an unlimited number of your business entities. Changes in the organisation are translated into RACS. You retain all control and reporting capabilities.
RACS Financial Software works with multiple currencies, 28 analytical dimensions, budgets, several methods of depreciation, international rules, etc. The data from the entities in their underlying analytical – budgetary accounts come together in a “cubical”. The users can analyse entities and any dimensions across these entities according to their wishes.

Embedded business intelligence

RACS has embedded analysis, reporting and Business Intelligence tools. These reporting and drill-down capabilities and list- and query screens provide great flexibility and transparency down to the original detailed posting. RACS users always have access to their relevant data without additional software or computer engineers.

After all it’s YOUR data.

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Factsheet Standard Reports in RACS

There are numerous standard reports in RACS (178) with often each different selection criteria and performance capabilities. Despite this fairly substantial mass of standard reports in RACS it is possible that certain reports or reviews you…