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15 reasons why international companies opt for RACS

IIt’s been 10 years since the first customers started working with RACS . We felt it appropriate to ask them why they still work with RACS by Raposa. Among these customers are various international companies who are the world top in their sector as TUI, Jetair, CMB, Exmar, VUB, AGEAS, Belfius Insurance and Euroports to name but a few. These are the main reasons that they mentioned:

About the TEAM:

  1. The implementation was quickly and professionally
  2. the specialists are always available and open for questions
  3. the people are friendly
  4. the support is effective and efficient and of a higher class
  5. there is a lot of sectoral knowledge present
  6. a partner we can count on

How many of these items did you include in your RFP?


  1. RACS is a good software product
  2. RACS can follow complex processes
  3. RACS  adapts to new and existing processes
  4. RACS  is a well thought out system
  5. the consultation possibilities are stunning
  6. even complex invoices are quickly made
  7. We can work very detailed with pre-defined cost centers and projects
  8. an easy-to-use package that meets our expectations
  9. We can do the accounting of our various foreign offices on the same platform

What is striking is that nearly all the participants stressed the importance of the team. After all, you can have the best product, but when the implementation team fails to answer to your simplest questions or they fail to make the system work according to the processes of the company, you will never become a happy customer. Everyone can have an occasional bad day or do an occasional stupidity. It helps when a friendly person with knowledge of your business not only helps you immediately to undo this but also explains how you could do better next time

Does your software keeps working after the umpteenth automatic update of your operating system?  Are there any errors in the underlying processes that do not get solved? Does time after time your closing turns into a nightmare? Does every regulatory change lead to expensive and time consuming customization? In any of this cases, you may immediately have the most considerate person with knowledge of your business on the line. He or she will not be able to make your day and change your perception about the software and the services of the company.

Do yourself a favor, before you buy business critical software verify that both the producer of the software and the implementation partner have customers that are still satisfied after 10 years.

We wish you a lot of success