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3-way matching

3-way matching principle in RACS

In accounting context, the 3-way matching principle refers to a procedure for processing incoming- or vendor invoices. The intention of 3-way matching is to avoid incorrect or fraudulent invoices get paid. 3-Way refers to the 3 documents which are used in the process: the vendor invoice purchase order Acceptance document matching refers to comparing the Continue reading…

facturen goedkeuren / geautomatiseerd goedkeuringsproces/ accounts payable invoice approval flow

Accounts payable invoice approval flow, the future

Whenever I visit a company, I always notice when I pass the financial department. Desks are enclosed by bulging file cabinets and are buried under the files. In addition, I often feel an atmosphere of stress and heavy work pressure. Although there obviously is hard work going on, I still subconsciously feel they don’t have Continue reading…

A/P automation & invoice processing / inkomende factuurstroom

A/P automation & invoice processing

Do you have to deal with a large number of (purchase) invoices? Then RACS invoice is the ideal system for your A/P automation & invoice processing. The system reads the emailed .PDF invoices and / or the scanned hard copy documents, interprets, and posts them directly into your AP. RACS builds its algorithm, by ‘recognizing’ logical…