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robotization Robotisering RPA robotics process autoamtion

Does robotization have added value for every finance department?

RPA or Robotics process automation It’s about daily business that you are confronted with an article on robotization within the Finance Department. RPA stands for Robotics Process Automation. Simply put, this means that we are going to automate transactions or processes so that the computer or the software executes tasks, just as a human would do it. Continue reading…

3-way matching

3-way matching principle in RACS

In accounting context, the 3-way matching principle refers to a procedure for processing incoming- or vendor invoices. The intention of 3-way matching is to avoid incorrect or fraudulent invoices get paid. 3-Way refers to the 3 documents which are used in the process: the vendor invoice purchase order Acceptance document matching refers to comparing the Continue reading…

facturen goedkeuren / geautomatiseerd goedkeuringsproces/ accounts payable invoice approval flow

Accounts payable invoice approval flow, the future

Whenever I visit a company, I always notice when I pass the financial department. Desks are enclosed by bulging file cabinets and are buried under the files. In addition, I often feel an atmosphere of stress and heavy work pressure. Although there obviously is hard work going on, I still subconsciously feel they don’t have Continue reading…

automatisatie van de factuurstroom/ accounts payable automation software

RACS Accounts Payable Automation Software

A while ago, Raposa, the Antwerp based software manufacturer of RACS, a Financial Management Software suite launched her new module. RACS Accounts Payable Automation Software with intelligent invoice scanning via OCR. RACS Accounts Payable Automation Software automates repetitive tasks in the A/P department “The main aim of Accounts Payable Automation Software is to free up more time for the Continue reading…