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robotization Robotisering RPA robotics process autoamtion

Does robotization have added value for every finance department?

RPA or Robotics process automation It’s about daily business that you are confronted with an article on robotization within the Finance Department. RPA stands for Robotics Process Automation. Simply put, this means that we are going to automate transactions or processes so that the computer or the software executes tasks, just as a human would do it. Continue reading…


Breaking news

Dear,   At the very tail of last year, we, Partner Group, acquired 100% of the shares in Raposa. By means of this communication, we would like to thank Raposa founder and former shareholder Eric de Vos for his vision and his efforts to make Raposa what it is today: a well-known company with a Continue reading…

Activity based costing in RACS

Activity Based Costing in Racs: Activities, Actions and Automatic Intercompany Invoicing

his post explains how we do activity Based Costing in RACS Finance. Activity Based Costing in RACS: Activities or cost pools   Activities Drive organisations. An activity uses resources. This could be anything : working hours, machine use, energy use, maintenance costs, insurance costs, etc… An activity is often called ‘cost pool’. A cost pool Continue reading…

3-way matching

3-way matching principle in RACS

In accounting context, the 3-way matching principle refers to a procedure for processing incoming- or vendor invoices. The intention of 3-way matching is to avoid incorrect or fraudulent invoices get paid. 3-Way refers to the 3 documents which are used in the process: the vendor invoice purchase order Acceptance document matching refers to comparing the Continue reading…

projectadministratie uurregistratie en facturatie voor consultancybedrijven time tracking and invoicing

Time tracking and invoicing

RACS Project, time tracking and invoicing Each Project manager creates his own project and determines how and if it handles time tracking and invoicing. Time tracking and invoicing of a fixed price project? Consultants register their worked hours. The software will calculate profitability of the project using the internal cost rate. You can determine this rate for different tasks and Continue reading…