About us

Raposa started in 2004 with the accounting and IT knowledge of the two founders. Their experience, expertise and passion for a particularly user-friendly and comprehensive financial management System is the core of RACS.

In 2016 RACS joined the UniPartners Group, specialist in consultancy and product services for the IT and finance sector.


RACS expresses our passion and vision

We are convinced that the success of our customers is quintessential for the further growth of RACS. Therefore, we are passionate about creating the most advanced financial application by responding to the latest requirements in our profession.

We included GAAP standards, IFRS, different methods of depreciation, integrated business intelligence, rental, document scanning with OCR in accounting controls work procedures, document management functions etc.



Reliability: belgian and international standards

RACS is a financial management system developed by financial experts for modern and innovative financial experts who want a clear view of their organisation. RACS is a decisions support system, compliant with all aspects of local accounting rules. RACS is therefore completely reliable, robust and accessible. It’s YOUR data.
RACS is one application in a single version for all customers. The flexibility and extensive capabilities make RACS employable in various sectors.




We are committed to the highest standards of integrity, work according to strict ethical principles and will always fully respect the confidentiality of any information which clients entrust us.
Problems, questions or comments, we handle with care. We treat every question with a clear and result oriented attitude. In our field we see no problems but only your need for a solution. This we will address with RACS.